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  Hope Resource Center  

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Who Are We?

Just like you, we are women who have at one time or another in our lives found ourselves in need of real hope and help. 

That's why we are here now. 

Below, are testimonies from our own staff members who found themselves facing an unexpected pregnancy.

     At seventeen years old, I thought I knew all about the world and what was best for me. After a lot of arguing and fighting with my parents, I decided to move out and live with my friend and my boyfriend. This led to an unexpected pregnancy shortly thereafter. I felt shame, embarrassment, and knew that my parents would be so disappointed in me. Without the full understanding of what an abortion was, I chose to just “take care of it.” My boyfriend was very persuasive. He told me he loved me and we would get married and have more children in the future. All I could think about was, “I am not done with school yet…I have no way of providing financially for a baby….I do not have a secure place to raise a baby.” I was too strong willed to even begin to ask my parents for help. I only told them my plans to have an abortion and watched my mother cry. I did not allow them to show their love for me or even give them a chance to provide other options. I do know that if I had really understood that my baby was not just a blob of tissue, but a completely formed life inside me, my decision would have been different.

     It was a very fast process. They asked me if I knew what I was doing. They provided very little information regarding the abortion and told me that I was only 9 weeks and the fetus was not formed yet. They reassured me that my life would be back on track very soon. I will never forget them saying that to me. The memory of that day is cold, loveless, and heartbreaking. The regret I feel from that “horrible day” will never leave me. Over the years, God has embraced me with his loving forgiveness, as I have struggled to forgive myself. He has shown me mercy, but has also helped me heal with thoughts of who my baby is now. I think of her sometimes when I see she is missing from our family dinners. My abortion did not fix my situation, it affected my entire life. My heart is to educate those who have thoughts of abortion and share the truth with them. It is not a solution, but a regret that will last a lifetime.


     I thought I was in control of my life, but by the time I was 17 years old I had two abortions. With the first pregnancy, I knew I was killing a baby, but I was threatened by the father and his sister to have the abortion. With the second pregnancy, I thought I was in love, and I thought he loved me, but once again I was pressured into having an abortion. He paid for it and I never saw him again. In both cases, it was never about what was best for me or the baby, but about what was convenient for them. I was looking for love, but the fathers of these two babies were obviously only looking for sex.

     Then, I met an amazing man and we married. Three children later, all the guilt and remorse from those previous two abortions turned into a long battle with severe clinical depression and an attempted suicide. Even after counseling and medications, I was still unable to thrive and be truly happy. Finally, through the Bible study “Forgiven and Set Free,” and the fellowship of other post-abortive women, I found out how deeply I was loved and forgiven by God for the murders of my unborn children. Knowing and accepting this has changed my life. Please know abortion is not the answer, but just opens the door to even more pain. If you allow Him, God will provide a way for you.